Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congratulations to my friend J.C. Farr III

Athletic family adds academic achievement to its roster

By Kevin L. Nichols

Those of us who are Bay Area natives and who follow
local sports associate the last name Farr with
athletic achievement. Members of this family
include former pro football great and entrepreneur
Mel Farr, pro football player Demarco Farr, University
of San Francisco basketball coach Chris Farr
and former football player, entrepreneur and
Black Sports Agents Association President Andre
Farr. While this list of famous athletes is extensive
for one family, the Farr’s have also achieved

Last Saturday, J.C. Farr III received
his master’s degree in education from UC Berkeley. Adversity has plagued
J.C.’s life since his birth, during which he lost his mother, but this
has not stopped him from reaching his goals.

Through the help of his father,
J.C. Farr II, and his aunt’s family, the Felder’s, J.C. III managed
to attend St. Cornelius Elementary School in Richmond, St. Mary’s College
High School in Berkeley and UC Berkeley for his bachelor’s degree in political
science. Upon receiving his teaching credential from Cal State East Bay, he decided
that he wanted to give back to the community that had loved and supported him
over the years.

J.C. joined another of his cousins, former San Francisco Giant
Mike Felder, and his brother Matty Felder in coaching various sports and teaching
courses at Kennedy High School and LaVonya DeJean Middle School in Richmond.

Today J.C. is the vice principal of Bancroft Middle School in San Leandro. He
stays connected to sports, and you can hear his voice announcing high school
football games throughout the Bay Area. However, his biggest impact will come
from educating our youth to be productive citizens in hopes of them going even “Farr-ther” than
he has. Congratulations, J.C.!

Kevin L. Nichols is an author and president/CEO of KLN Publishing in
San Francisco. For more information, visit http://klnpublishingllc.blogspot.com/.

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