Friday, September 26, 2008

Voter Registration Across the Nation!

We really need to reach out to friends and family in the midwest, the central, and southern states to register to vote. Too many people have sacrificed their lives for us to have this right. Please read this article that was originally published in Vibe Magazine and share these dates with people that you know. Thanks.


SEPTEMBER 12, 2008 @ 8:52 PM

Have You Registered to Vote?


It's the most important thing you need to do, and VIBE will help you Know this: On Election Day, November 4, there is nothing you could do more important than cast a vote for the next President of the United States. The race between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain has shaped up to be the most historical election in the history of the United States, and because VIBE has never bared witness to an election as important as this one, we are doing our part to help our readers register and vote.   Below is a list of all 50 states and their voter registration deadlines. The states bolded and italicized are key battleground states. Find your state, then go to voteforchange.com, or sign up by clicking on our "Rock the Vote" widget (below) and register if you haven’t already. It takes 3 minutes, that’s shorter than the average hip hop song on the radio. So what are you waiting for? Register to vote (Again:  click on voteforchange.com or below) and don't even think about it. Just do it.­ --------------------------------------------------------- Alabama - 10/24/2008 Alaska - 10/5/2008 Arizona - 10/6/2008 Arkansas - 10/6/2008 California - 10/20/2008 Colorado - 10/6/2008 Connecticut – 10/21/2008 (by mail); 10/28/08 (in-person registration) Delaware - 10/11/2008 Florida - 10/6/2008 Georgia - 10/6/2008 Hawaii - 10/6/2008 Idaho - 10/10/2008 Illinois - 10/7/2008 Indiana - 10/6/2008 Iowa - 10/25/2008 Kansas - 10/20/2008 Kentucky - 10/6/2008 Louisiana - 10/6/2008 Maine - 10/15/2008 (in-person registration continues through Election Day) Maryland - 10/14/2008 Massachusetts - 10/15/2008 Michigan - 10/6/2008 Minnesota - 10/14/2008 (Election Day registration is available) Mississippi - 10/5/2008 Missouri - 10/8/2008 Montana - 10/6/2008 (Late registration is available in-person until polls close on Election Day) Nebraska - 10/17/2008; 10/24/2008 (in-person registration at county election office) Nevada - 10/4/2008 New Hampshire - 10/25/2008 (Election Day registration is available) New Jersey - 10/14/2008 New Mexico - 10/7/2008 New York - 10/10/2008 (must be postmarked by 10/10/2008 and received by 10/15/2008, if mailed) North Carolina - 10/10/2008 North Dakota - 10/20/2008 Ohio - 10/6/2008 Oklahoma - 10/10/2008 Oregon - 10/14/2008 Pennsylvania - 10/6/2008 Rhode Island - 10/4/2008 South Carolina - 10/4/2008 South Dakota - 10/20/2008 Tennessee - 10/6/2008 Texas - 10/6/2008 Utah - 10/6/2008 (by mail); 10/20/2008 (in-person) Virginia - 10/6/2008 Vermont - 10/29/2008 Washington - 10/4/2008 (for mail-in, online voter registration forms, and transfer within county voters); 10/20/2008 (in-person registration for new registrants only) West Virginia - 10/14/2008 Wisconsin - 10/15/2008 (by mail); 11/3/2008 (in-person at Municipal Office); Election Day registration also available  Wyoming - 10/6/2008 Article tags: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, Politics, Sarah Palin

Saturday, September 6, 2008

2nd Annual LinkedIn Downtown SF Networking Social

Oakland Natives Give Back Fund hosts Back to School Youth Expo

By Kevin L. Nichols

Last Sunday was “Dee-Day” for Nyeisha DeWitt, Delicia “Dee Dee” Adbur-Rahim and Tameka Raymond, based on their philosophy that “the commitment to the community in which you reside should not supersede your contribution to the community in which you were reared.”

These women have come together representing various organizations to form the Oakland Natives Give Back Fund.

ONGBF sponsored its first annual Back to School Youth Expo last Sunday as part of the Oakland Unified School District’s Attend and Achieve campaign. The expo was sponsored by OUSD, the Office of Mayor Ron Dellums, Effective Teachers for Oakland Task Force, Future Foundation and Usher’s New Look Foundation.

The expo took place at City Hall in Oakland and featured workshops, entertainment and a backpack giveaway. Students arrived early to register for wristbands to obtain a backpack at the end of the day, which ensured their attendance at the workshops. The workshops were divided into three sections: pre-teen, teen and parenting. Raymond held a “Fashion Rocks” youth fashion show after the workshops had concluded.

The event also featured special performances, speakers and celebrity guests. R&B artist Jimmie Reign performed, along with spoken word artist Ise Lyfe and dance trio Total Package. Guest speakers included Oakland Chief of Staff Leslie Littleton, Director of Education Kitty Epstein, OUSD State Administrator Vincent Matthews and OUSD Interim Superintendent Roberta Mayor. Keith Brown served as the master of ceremonies.

The focal point of the day was the distribution of 730 backpacks stuffed with free grade-specific school supplies.

More than 900 people attended the Youth Expo.
For more information, visit http://www.oaklandnatives.com/.

Kevin L. Nichols is an author and the president/CEO of KLN Publishing, located in San Francisco. For information, visit http://klnpublishingllc.blogspot.com/.

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