Friday, October 16, 2009

Power LinkedIn User Interview with Kevin L. Nichols

Originally published at http://joshuawaldman.net/linkedin-tips/power-linkedin-user-inverview-with-kevin-nichols

by Joshua on October 10, 2009

I had a great conversation with Kevin Nichols, a power LinkedIn user the other day. The audio quality didn’t turn out well, but I thought the conversation was valuable enough to publish it anyways.

Just to summarize:

Kevin uses job boards like Craigslist or Indeed.com to find openings, but actually uses LinkedIn to pursue the job. By leveraging his network, he’s able to get referrals rather than cold call opportunities.

Another great piece of advice is that because his name is so common, he always uses his middle initial. Every blog post and profile uses his middle initial. This is how he is able to get high Google rankings.

He describes how he uses twitter for promotion, facebooks for family and friends and Linkedin just for professional networking. With his own company and his pursuit of finding a job, he is open to various and creative ways of finding employment. We are in an unprecedented time, and forward thinkers like Kevin have a lot to share with us.