Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interesting San Francisco Attractions

Featuring the Legion of Honor and the Exploratorium

By: Kevin L. Nichols

Lately "stay-cations" have become more popular due to the sagging economy and the rise of gasoline prices. Bay Area families have to weigh the pros and cons a lot more carefully in order to determine what destinations they will frequent with the hope of saving a few pennies. Many will have to reconsider that annual Hawaiian or Orlando vacation this year. Nevertheless, all is not lost because San Francisco happens to still be one of the largest tourist attractions in the world. Here are two reasons why:

The Exploratorium

Founded in 1969, the Exploratorium still represents the best and brightest of California scientists and inventors. It is similar to a "declassified" (low level security clearance required) of a national research and/or weapons laboratory such as Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory or Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in that it has numerous experiments where everyday people can explore. Some of the amazing exhibits on hand can teach people about the intricacies of light in conjunction with the human eye, sound in relation to our ears, and the behavior of liquids, solids, and gases through various hands on and engaging experiments. The learning never stops and it is applicable for all ages. The Exploratorium is reasonable priced and parking is free. This is one location stay-caution that you will not forget.

The Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor is tucked away in a hidden area of the city near the Golden Gate Bridge. Its approach is mesmerizing with a beautiful overlook of the San Francisco Bay and notable landmarks of the city. It was originally built to commemorate Californian soldiers who died in World War I.

Rodin's Thinker, greets you as you enter the courtyard approaching the entrance. The Legion of Honor is a sophisticated museum which contains various paintings, ancient artifacts, murals, and sculptures. In addition to the mature artwork, it also has featured exhibits as well. I had they pleasure of having a docent lead tour of John Baldessari: A Print Retrospective from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation. This was a fascinating tour of one of our local artist's collection. Schnitzer signature pictures use black and white photographs of usually random photographs where he infuses colorful objects, including dots, in innocuous places.

If you love art and would like to be exposed to a variety of masterpieces, you will not be disappointed by visiting the spacious and eclectic Legion of Honor on your next visit to The City.

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