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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

African American Leadership Weekend Moving the Urban Agenda

The California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation,
California Legislative Black Caucus and
100 Black Men of Sacramento host...

African American Leadership Weekend
Moving the Urban Agenda
April 22-24, 2010
Sheraton Grand Hotel 1230 J Street, Sacramento, California
This is a series of workshops targeting the issues facing underserved minority communities to develop positive solutions and remove barriers to growth in the areas of education, health, crime, home ownership, building wealth.

Topics Include:
* Bank Lending to Small Businesses: Have lines of credit opened for small and minority businesses? Have banks receiving bail-out funds extended loans to small/minority businesses for start-ups and operating costs?

*Has President Obama?s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) worked for African Americans? What is the impact of ARRA on small business and commerce in communities of color?

*Redistricting commission: How do we get selected for the commission? What impact will redistricting have on legislative seats held by African Americans?

*The Achievement Gap and the Dropout Rate: How are African American students faring under No Child Left Behind?

*Higher Education: Why are there more Blacks in prison than in College

*Marijuana: Should it be legalized, taxed and regulated? What is the impact on the African American community?

*Liquor stores, smoke shops and check cashing outlets

*BET: The influence of music videos on Black culture

*Update on AIDS epidemic in African American Women

The Leadership weekend includes Evening Receptions and a Luncheon

For for information go to http://www.calbcc.org

The California Black Chamber of Commerce is the largest African American non-profit business organization representing hundreds of small and emerging businesses, affiliates and chambers of commerce throughout the state.

Cost: $100

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